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Liz Gherna and Sophie B. Hawkins at Saint Rocke August 23, 2017Liz Gherna opened for Sophie B. Hawkins on August 23, 2017 at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach. Accompanied by Mike Yurko on bass, Gregory Dean on guitar, and "Loud Lou" Hinzo on drums, the set began at 8 pm, followed by Sophie B. Hawkins.  Playing hits Bossa Nova, I'm Not Happy, I'm Gay, and My Stew Blues, our usual awesome fans had a great time with Sophie's fans - a great pairing all around.

(LEFT: Liz Gherna and Sophie B. Hawkins, Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA, August 23, 2017)

In September Liz Gherna performed a LIVE online concert on YouTube, streaming 45 minutes of hard rocking hits from a studio in Burbank, California.  The performance was watched by hundreds of fans and has been viewed close to 5,000 times on YouTube since.

(BELOW: Liz Gherna LIVE on YouTube September 9, 2017)

Liz Gherna headlined at The Viper Room June 29, 2017, going on at 9 pm and playing to a packed house. The event was dedicated to Tracy Baker, a friend battling cancer, and proceeds went to the Tracy Baker Recovery Fund.

photo credit Charlie SteffensLiz Gherna performed several new songs last night to an amped crowd at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, where they opened for Super Diamond. Gregory Dean was on guitar, Mike Yurko on bass, and Lou Hinzo on drums.

The crowd was on the floor, dancing and jamming with Good for Me, a new song written recently by Gherna and introduced at Saint Rocke.  A punk rock ballad, it features driving guitar riffs, cracking drums and a few f bombs.  "Awesome. Get down!" commented Gregg Wietstock in social media buzz. 

Gherna also performed for the first time I'm Wrong, a Nashville sounding song with a three-count beat.

Liz Gherna also performed a new addition to the set, a cover of Essence, by Lucinda Williams, and it featured special guest Amy Clark Moura on background vocals.


Charlie Steffens was on hand for photos (see featured photo above), as was Neal Shelton on tech support - which proved crucial with a necessary equipment change mid set. Mike Leon assisted as well.

Also performed: My Stew Blues, Good Love, I Just Wanna Belong, My Life on Fire, Piece of My Heart, and Bossa Nova. Mary Matson, Rita Ferrell, "Neal" of Super Diamond, Mike Yurko and Charlie Steffens photos and comments were driving social media buzz during and after the set, with hundreds of comments, posts and views.

A soundmix was recorded and may be turned into a live album. Videos are featured on YouTube at, and a variety of photos, videos and discussion are on Facebook at LizGhernaMusic, Twitter at LizGherna and Instagram at LizGherna.

Saint Rocke is located at 142 Pacific Coast Highway in Hermosa Beach. Stay tuned to for more performance updates, show coverage, new song releases and more!

For more information contact Kristin Witzenburg at 310.897.2821 or


Liz Gherna opened for The Motels last night at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA. The Motels played their hits "Suddenly Last Summer" and "Only the Lonely" and Liz Gherna played her hits "Bossa Nova" and "My Stew Blues." Both played newer works as well as classics.


Playing with Liz Gherna were Gregory Dean on lead guitar, Mike Yurko on bass guitar, and Lou Hinzo on drums.


Charlie Steffens was on hand for photojournaling the night, but every once in awhile we can capture him with our lens' too (pictured right). Cait Raftery, Karen Preston, John Moura, and Amy Clark Moura (pictured left, top to bottom, left to right) showed up, rocked out, took time after the show with the band, and were all around superstar concert goers. Both photo strips with Liz Gherna too!

Social media was lit up and we love it when our friends and family and fans get the party started before, during and after the event. Thank you so much!

"Great female musicians!!! So much fun!!" wrote Katie Brennen, posting pictures with Jay Yurko, April Newman, and Liz Gherna.

Mary Gherna Matson posted family pictures with David Matson, Eddie Gherna and Cait Raftery, saying "Great show!"

Kayci Marie Mitchell wrote "A night out with the rock star Liz Gherna, opening for The Motels at St. Rocke. It was a good night." She also posted pictures with Kelly Letchworth Heimdahl and Liz Gherna. She posted another picture with Liz Gherna and Kelly and boyfriend Tony saying "Too much fun!"

Jay Kauchick Yurko went live online with the band as they played, and posted a number of great shots of bass player Mike Yurko.

Denise X. Lavell posted pictures with Francesca Brooks and Eddie Gherna. Another photo with Denise Lavell, Francesca Brooks and Liz Gherna said "Francesca Brooks, the STAR of the hour and me #GhernaGroupie."

There were probably many more social media posts published, search online for #LizGherna, and post your pictures to Liz Gherna sites on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Here's a video of the opening song "Bossa Nova" - a Liz Gherna original. Below is the final encore - "Good Lovin" - another original. To see more videos go to the Liz Gherna YouTube Channel.





Liz Gherna at the Mint July 7, 2016

Liz Gherna played live at The Mint July 7, 2016. Gregory Dean was on lead guitar, Mike Yurko on bass and Rick Bryan on drums.

Also playing that night were Honeypot, Jim from The Moon and Jules Galli.

We all had a great time as usual and have to give BIG thanks to Neal Shelton, who always helps us get on and off the stage so efficiently. But with all the bands this night he was so much appreciated. Thanks Neal!

Below is a live video from the performance.

Liz Gherna at Saint Rocke June 24 2016Once again Liz Gherna played to a SOLD OUT house at Saint Rocke, warming the crown before Pine Mountain Logs. The floor was full at the first song, and full of dancers by My Stew Blues. This was the first show to present My Stew Blues live and with the full band - Gregory Dean on lead guitar, Mike Yurko on bass guitar, and Rick Bryan on drums.

Most importantly it was a lot of fun with many loyal friends and family there, and the social media buzz after shows off a fan base that brings the joy to live local music. A big thanks to all for coming out for the show!!!

Liz Gherna Facebook Saint Rocke


Opening with a "Sunshine of Your Love" and "Wild Thing" mashup, Liz Gherna took the crowd at Saint Rocke from zero to sixy in under an hour, leaving Super Diamond with a packed house cheering more.  The set list continued with...

The Liz Gherna Band played to a full house last night at Saint Rocke in Hermosa. Over 200 tickets were sold before the doors even opened, every table was reserved and it was standing room only.  The gig started at 7 pm and Liz kicked off the hard folk rock fest with "Bossa Nova, and closed with "Good Lovin."

The Liz Gherna Band played to a full house last night, with favorite hits and new ones played by the band. The highlight of the evening was when Cait Raft joined Liz on stage for Dreams.

The Liz Gherna Band headlined the Serenity House Benefit Rockin After Party yesterday, entertaining an amazing crowd of supporters and friends and family and fans.  Liz was backed by Carol Lynn Schiada, Gregory Dean, Neal Shelton, Gregg Wietstock and Rick Bryan.

Saturday, October 17th, 2015


Serenity House Benefit - Rockin After Party - 11:30 am - 3:00 pm

119 Penn St El Segundo CA 90245 USA 310-749-5069
Price: $20 adults / $10 kids 12 and under

BBQ and Live Music

12 pm Carol Lynn Schiada and Gregory Dean with Neal Shelton, Gregg Wietstock and Rick Bryan - Blues

1:15 The Liz Gherna Band - Original HARD Folk and some delightful song surprises.

Family friendly event except for Liz - she's friendly for sure but..., ;)  Seriously your kids will love the music and the vibe and the food.

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